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Joyaa Antares

Hi Rachel, Hi All,

Rachel Poole writes, “
This is a brick wall I have been trying to knock down for many years.  I probably asked about this a couple of years ago, so I'm giving this another try.  My ggm in the UK was known as Jane Cohen, First name Sheina on the marriage authorisation and according to the authorisation and marriage certificate her father was Benzion (Benjamin).  The marriage authorisation says she came from Courland (Latvia) and according to UK records she was born in 1872

Rachel – even though it was eight years ago, I recall your post to the discussion group very well because, like you, I should like to learn about my COHEN and DAVIDOFF families in Courland.  I think we stand at the same wall.  I understand my crew came from Polangen/Palanga.  Do you have a town name associated with your family?

There’s a very helpful list of Jewish Holdings in the Latvian State Historical Archives given here: and perhaps 20% of these records have been transcribed.   Polangen – like Libau, Liepaja – was situated in the Grobin district for which a much smaller percentage has been transcribed.  I wonder whether there are projects to transcribe records for Libau, Grobin (the town) and Polangen.  If there are, I’d like to contribute towards them.

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