Re: "His name was changed at Ellis Island" #names

Of course mistakes were made at the point of departure.  The NYPL article makes that clear.  My ancestors' names were badly mangled at the various port of departures.  No one should dispute this.  Also, just because we never mentioned that immigrants were questioned as part of their immigration doesn't mean that we were unaware of that.  Those of us responding to the question about name changes at Ellis Island limited our answers to the pertinent facts. 
As for the handwriting issue mentioned, there are many sources that modern readers of manifests and other documents can use to decipher the cursive script style of the day.  I have to believe that the immigration inspectors at Ellis Island and all the other ports were familiar with the cursive styles of their times.  And don't forget that we are looking at the digitized copies of the manifests that were microfilmed in the 1930's.  Deterioration of the originals is also a factor.
Karen Silver

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