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Nancy Reicher

Oh my!!!! I am amazed and Flabbergasted at all you have found. This is all just wonderful. I am overwhelmed. Merci tres, tres much.  My French is very rusty. I can't tell you how much I appreciate all this information. Is there any way I can compensate you other than just by my thank yous.

Yes, I knew Jeanne also from our visit in her's and Misha's home in April 1972. There is much more I can tell you about Misha's history. Jeanne was Misha's at least second wife. She was a nurse and nursed him back to health from tuberculosis in the Vouges mountains before they married. My parents visited with Misha in 1950 when they went to Europe and spent a good deal of time with Jeanne and Misha. Before they left the U.S., They asked Misha what he needed as France was still not in great shape after WW II . Misha said I need coffee and a toilet seat. My parents took him both. He was a lovely man. I loved him dearly. We had good letter writing together. He was a deep thinker. He escaped from Ukraine or maybe Russia because he was in a plot to kill the Czar. His mother was able to Bribe the jailer as he was in custody and was to be hung. He was a revolutionary. The whole family were intellectuals and university graduates .His father was a doctor. His mother a nurse of royal order. His two brothers were PHD doctors and lived and worked in the U.S.. His one sister was an agronomist. She remained in Russia. and later moved to St Petersburg. His mother finally immigrated to France, Paris. During the occupation Misha placed her in an insane asylum where he felt she would be safe. She was . She lived to be liberated but died of starvation shortly after. She was about 85 at  that time. I'd love to know when Rose Bronfenbrener died and is buried as well as MIsha's death. The last letter my father received was misha telling him he would be dead shortly and saying goodbye. My Dad died in March 1977. Misha's last  letter was not to long before that, no more than a year.  

Thank you more and more for all your help. Now I must send my first cousin all your information. He will be as overwhelmed as I am.

Nancy L. Reicher (nlreicher@...)

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