Re: Ballasagyarmat: what census records are there? #hungary


"Census of Izraelites living in the borough of B. Gyarmath for the year 1845/46": (Film # 007995363 images 31 to 46).

It looks like the enumerator consistently spelled Weiss as Vaisz. 299 households to look through. (Keep in mind that each page/list of names is on at least two images, more if the page was refilmed.)

(Speaking of spelling: it's correctly Balassa-, with one L and two S-es. It's the birthplace of both of my parents, so I've had lots of practice spelling it.)

Translating (making sense of) the headers of the census would be a Project: it's making distinctions between words that I would consider synonyms (kereskedés, kalmárság). Oh: the first two pages/lists have the headers in Hungarian, the next page/list is half in Latin, the rest are all in Latin. Hmm. In my Copious Spare Time....

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