Re: "Jüdische Familien In Kreuznach" #germany


To summarize the previous posts and explain my interest:

1.  In the first post, Yann asked for help in locating a copy of "Jüdische Familien In Kreuznach, Vom 18.Jahrundert bis zum Ersten Weltkrieg."

2.  In the second post, Peter Lobbenberg provided a link.

3.  In the third post, Yann commented that the link provided was not for "Jüdische Familien In Kreuznach, Vom 18.Jahrundert bis zum Ersten Weltkrieg", but for another work by the same author, called "Juedisches Leben in Kreuznach".

As I am interested in the town of Bad Kreuznach during the period after WWI, I opened that link, expecting to the find the shorter title "Juedisches Leben in Kreuznach", and hoping that it might cover the period after WWI.   To my surprise, however, it took me to the pre-WWI work that Yann was originally trying to find!

I'd greatly appreciate a link to the ""Juedisches Leben in Kreuznach" work.  My uncle, Rabbi Alfred Jacobs, was the rabbi of Bad Kreuznach from 1927 until Kristallnacht.

Thank you in advance.
Fredel Fruhman
Brooklyn, New York, USA

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