Re: Help Reading town name #names



I see "Galicia" (a region -- now in southern Poland and western Ukraine; once part of the "Kingdom of Austria" within the Habsburg/Austro-Hungarian Empire) -- with (fainter) "Aus" (presumably for "Austria") -- in the top line; I see (like at least 1 other reader) "Budapest" (but with "Hun" (again, fainter; this time probably an abbreviation for "Hungary"; the city was (naturally) part of the "Kingdom of Hungary" under the later Habsburg Empire (and has been capital of republics of Hungary since) ) .

Good luck with Galicia (it's a large region, and definitely not a single "shtetl" or place).

(All I knew of the origins of one grandfather's family was "Galicia" -- before I was able to find records (primarily (US) naturalization records) which pinpointed the place from which his mother, his siblings (then born; some were later born in the US) , and he emigrated.)

Ethan Kent -- in New York City.

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