Sobel from Hungary #hungary

Dan Rottenberg

More than half a century ago, I was told (how reliably I can't say) that all Hungarian Jews with ancestors named Sobel/Szobel are related. So this is an appeal to everyone in that group.

My g-g-g-grandfather Moses Isaac Sobel (1810?-1862?) raised 10 children in the village of Luko, Saros County (now Lukov,Slovakia), about 9 miles due west of Bartfa (now Bardejov). His wife Rachel Leah Schreiber came from Stropkov in Zemplen County. Until recently, I was missing the name of one of their children. But when the 1857 census came on line about a year ago, I found that missing child: Hersko, born in 1852. Since Moses Isaac Sobel had several other descendants named Herman or some variation born in the mid-1850s, I speculate that Moses Isaac's father may have been named Herman, perhaps died about 1850. If this rings a bell with you, please let me know.

About Hersko Sobel (b. 1850) I know nothing aside from that 1857 census entry plus a hint provided in the memoirs of my great-uncle written in the mid-1950s: He said Moses Isaac Sobel had four sons, of whom one remained in Luko, one went to Romania, and two came to the U.S. Since I'm familiar with the other three brothers, by a process of elimination I've concluded that Hersko must have come to America. But I've yet to find any trace of him in any U.S. records. I've found other Herman Sobels, some of whom are also related to me. For example: Herman Sobel (1857-1942, a son of Israel and Fani Grunberger Sobel), who died in Chicago; and Herman Sobel (c 1841-1940), son of Emanuel Sobel, who also died in Chicago. And I've found Herman Sobels in the U.S. who were born in Russia or Poland.

So please— if you know of anyone named Herman Sobel or some variation of Herman (Hirsch, Zvi, etc.), born c. 1852 and died in the U.S., let me know. I'll be grateful for any lead, no matter how slender.
Dan Rottenberg
Philadelphia PA

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