Does anyone have a premium account in gw.geneanet for a one time only search? #france

Alberto Guido Chester

I need to search the quite common surname DUFOUR in France and the only way to identify this person is by adding the wife´s name..
This requires a premium account I do not have and I do not think I will ever need again.
Gerard or Geraud Dufour born ab. 1830  married to Eveline (also named Jeanne in another document) Dufour born ab. 1840. 
Paul Dufour was his elder brother, born about 1828. 
The three of them were established in Buenos Aires according to the national census of 1869.
My main interest is to know from which city, ville or region of France they originated.
Thanks in advance.. 

Alberto Guido Chester
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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