Re: Recommendations for scanning photos #photographs


Hi Loren,

How many photos do you need to scan?  I am using an Epson V750-Pro - which is a high resolution flatbed scanner, There is a newer model - the V-850 Pro - which sells for $1125.00 on Amazon. The difference between the two models is not sufficient to spend $625 to $725 more when you can you can pick up an Epson V750 Pro on eBay for $400 to $500, which is what I did.  Excellent scanner - which can also scan slides & negatives. And when you are through using the scanner, you can put it back up for sale on eBay and recoup most of your money.

I am a photographer and I have a lot of use for a scanner, but you might not. I don't know if you have enough photos to make it worth getting a scanner and spending the time scanning them yourself versus having your photos professionally scanned by a lab that is using a high end drum scanner.  You would have to research how much they charge per scan. If you only have 15 or 20 pictures - it may not be worth the effort of buying a scanner.

Hope that is helpful.

Juliet Kaye
Santa Cruz, CA.

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