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Bernard Flam

From Paris, to Judi Missel,

Hi Judi,
Hirschfeld isn't a so common name in France.
So I check for living descendants in France with our official white pages :
I get 12 persons named "Hirschfeld", including one living in Strasbourg and a company, also in Strasbourg.
Other results are persons living in a "Hirschfeld street" in a town not far from Strasbourg.

These results include their phone & home address : I never try to call because it's impossible to explain within a few seconds why we contact, and these unknown persons will hang up immediately...

So I did it often, I send as many letters as I got addresses, a nice letter with copies of some family documents to explain my search.
Once, 17 letters to homonyms of a person in Zurich who had filled a page of testimony in Yad Vashem, 20 years ago.
Believe it or not, three days later, a lady call me with these simple words : "for 60 years, we were asking ourselves if your branch had any survivors ?"...


Good luck

Bernard Flam

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