- Professor Julius Sumner Miller, and family: Stark, Newmark, Mazur, Tannenbaum, Moscow, Spellman, Schlesinger, Bregman, Rubens, Friedman, Brown #usa


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I am writing a biography of Professor Julius Sumner Miller, and I would like to get in touch with any members of his extended family who have an interest in the family history.


Some information about Julius and his direct family members is listed below.


I would really like to add to what I found or be corrected about any errors in the details.


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Prof Miller’s parents were Samuel Miller (b. 1862, d. 1937) and Sarah (Newmark) Miller (b. 1864, d. 1938). Both migrated from Europe, probably in the 1880s. There’s a suggestion that Samuel may earlier have used another surname, such as Stark. They had 9 children and Julius was the youngest. They resided in their later years at Billerica MA.


The nine siblings were:



Charles Jacob Miller: b. Dec 12 1886, d. Jul 19 1960, m. Ida Mazur. Children - Dorothy (Miller) Orlov, Sumner S Miller and Daniel Miller. Charles was a prominent Boston attorney. Resided later years at Brookline MA.



Mary/Miriam (Miller) Tannenbaum: b. Mar 15 1887, d. Nov 20 1918 (Spanish Flu), m. William Tannenbaum. Children - Sumner Tannenbaum and Dorothy Tannenbaum.



Benjamin Miller: b. Jan 4 1891(?), d. Jul 27 1923 at Monson MA State Hospital (“epilepsy and pulmonary edema”).



Lewis Miller: b. Jul 18/19 1892, d. (unknown), m. Hannah Moscow. No children known of. Resided for some time at Billerica MA Town Farm.



David Miller: b. May 25 1894, d. Feb 24 1972, m. Bessie Spellman. Children - Ruth (Miller) Lampke and Stanley Miller. David was a salesman of meat products. Resided later years at Dorchester MA and Randolph MA.



Dorothy/Dora (Miller) Bregman: b. Jan 25 1897 d. May 7 1974 m1. (unknown) Schlesinger, m2. Donald Bregman. No children known of. Resided later years in Los Angeles.



Henry Miller: b. Dec 16 1898, d. Aug 24 1955, m. Eva Rubens. Children - Allen/Alan Miller and Marilyn Miller. Resided later years at Waltham MA (owned Henry’s Delicatessen).



Helena (Miller) Friedman: b. Jan 21 1903, d. Aug 15 1991, m. Abraham Friedman. Children – Muriel (Friedman) Helfenbein and Rhoda (Friedman) Glass. Resided later years at Granada Hills California.



Julius S Miller: b. May 17 1909, d. April 14 1987, m. Alice Marion Brown. No children. Resided later years in Torrance California.



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