Re: Recommendations for scanning photos #photographs


When you say museum quality scans a few things come to mind.  First are these digital images to be printed for display? And if so what size (8x10” or 20x30) or will the images be used in some kind of electronic format (like powerpoint or some video
montage)?  And what is the size of the original photo?
The issue is that you want to do the initial digital capture (via a scanner or even a photo with a phone) so that you have enough data (pixels, file size) to support your output format.
A scanner rather than a phone photo has the advantage of easily capturing the image in a way that allows you to select the resolution and file size as well as the file format of the saved computer file.  This might be more or less important down the if your plan on making high quality prints for display.
i don’t mean to make things sound too complicated, but if you really are saying “museum quality” I think it’s important to think about the whole workflow from the digital image capture all
they way though the final output.  And yes, Juliet’s answer is key - is this for one or two images or many more.  That will help decide if you want to invest your own time and money in equipment and learning or turn over some parts
of this to professionals or service providers.
I’m not a professional but would be happy to try to answer other questions if you want to reach out to me directly.
Other folks on the list may have a better simpler way to answer your question.
- Jeff

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