I am Ashkenazi Jewish and need a bone marrow transplant to live #announcements Moderator note: Please Read #announcements


My name is Debbie Stern and I live in Buffalo, NY. I have Leukemia and am told my best match for a much needed bone marrow transplant would be from another person of Jewish Descent. For now, I am managed on chemo, but we don't know how long it will work for, and the only option for long term survival is a bone marrow transplant. I am asking you to please spread the word that I need any Jewish person between 18-45 to get a cheek swab kit from Ezer Mizion,the world's largest Jewish bone marrow registry, swab your cheek and send it back. You can get kits by writing ryan@... or calling 718-853-8400. There is also an office in Israel. 

There are an inordinate number of Jews with bone marrow failure diseases, who need a bone marrow transplant to live., and the world registries are short on potential Jewish donors.  If you are a match for me or another Jewish person, the procedure is similar to giving plasma through the arm...that's usually it! They keep your cheek swab sample for years in case there is someone you match with down the line. It would be an incredible  mitzvah, and you could save a life!
I am asking you to please spread the word, and post this anywhere you can. If you are between 18-45 or know anyone who is, please have them reach out and get a cheek swabbing kit. You might be the one to save my life!
Any questions, feel free to write me at: deblevstern@...
I am very grateful for any help!

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