Residence or school records for jewish refugees in Vienna WWI #austria-czech

Svetlana Astakhova

Hello everyone,

I came across a record of my husband's father father being a refugee in Vienna during WWI, with his address of residence in Vienna:

1914/1915 Galicia and Bukovina War Refugees Address Directory, Vol. III (excl. Lwow, Krakow): "Klinger Juda, kup., Kuty, 4. VIII. 914. WiedeĊ„, XX., Karl Meissl-strasse 1. 4, d. 43. 7 os." My husband remembers that his father told him that the family went for vacation and got stuck in Vienna because of the war.

How should I go about searching for names of all the family members who lived with Juda Klinger at this address? One of them was my husband's grandmother and another one his father and we are trying to figure out his name at birth and his date of birth.

I looked up online records of Vienna residents in 1914, 1915, 1916, but didn't find Juda Klinger. Would refugee residents be mentioned in such records?

We know what my husband's father and his siblings went to school in Vienna. Would their names show up in school records of Vienna in 1914 - 1916?

Where else could I search for any records related to this family's residence in Vienna?

Thank you!

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