Re: Origin of the name BIALYI #belarus #names

Jules Levin

Very true.  There is a surname Belastotskiy, which could have been
shortened to Belyi/Bialy, but if there is no knowledge of such
shortening there is no reason to connect to the town.

Jules Levin

On 7/19/2020 6:38 AM, benagen@... wrote:
One didn't have to live in Bialoskok or even in Belarus to acquire the
name that meant 'white' like Bialy or Bialik. The same way that
Schwartz means 'black' in German but not associated to a region. The
same way that Cherny / Chorny means 'black' in Russian and is also a
common Jewish surname.

Kuchen is also a German word that followed the Ashkenazim on their
migration routs but was applied to different kinds of pastry at
different times in different countries.

Bena Shklyanoy, Chicago.

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