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Stephen Weinstein

It could also be both "Poland which then became part of Rusiia" and "Russia which became part of Poland", because some places were one, became part of the other, and then became part of the first one again.

Since you know his name and the year he was born, look on JRI-Poland (or any other database) for records of a birth with that name and year anywhere that the database covers.  (Don't search by place; just search by name and date.)  Once you find a record of his birth that tells you the name of the place, it's very easy to research the history of that place.

"The only information that I have on my ggf's birthplace comes from his marriage authorisation in the UK dated 1893 which says Russia/Poland.  He was born in 1871. I know that the boundaries changed and that the Jewishgen databases show the ruling areas by town, my issue is I don't know which town, or Gurbenia he came from. Is there anything that can help me work out whether he was born in Poland which then became part of Rusiia, or Russia which became part of Poland?"

Rachel Poole UK

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