Freedman from Marjempol #lithuania


Hi, Genners:
I'm looking for information on my maternal grandfather, Jacob Freedman (later Freeman), who came from Marjampol in Lithuania, and married Tilly Saunders from Troki (now Trakai) in the 1880's.  They emigrated to Leeds, in the U.K., and had 8 children, between 1890 and 1907.  Jacob was a slippermaker, and came to the U.S. in 1911, to work for his cousin (last name Pinsky) in his hardware store on 2nd Avenue in New York City.  He went back to England to get the rest of his family around 1913, but WWI caused him to stay in England until the war ended.  Jacob died in Leeds in 1919, but Tillie and several of the children did emigrate to Chicago, where they lived the rest of their lives.  I'd like to find any information about Jacob's siblings and descendants.

I'm also interested in my grandmother's relatives.  Her papers show her maiden name of "Saunders", but I know there were relatives named "Zinder".I know that one of her brothers emigrated to Richmond, VA, and that a sister emigrated to Glascow, Scotland.  Any information you can provide on how to research this would be very much appreciated.
Thanks!  Anita

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