Please help me identify the people in this family Ferein photo in Cleveland, OH #usa

Elise Cundiff

My great-grandmother's family established a family ferein (cousin's club) sometime around 1920.  They continued with annual events and parties until at least 1940, when this photo was taken at their picnic.  Of the 270 or so people pictured, we have identified about 47 so far (a few more identifications are not positive.)  The founding group all came to Cleveland from Lithuanian Russia in the 1880s-1900; the group expanded to include in-laws, and in-laws of in-laws (as my 98 year old distant cousin described it).  She said that "everyone" from "every branch" of the founding families were at this 1940 gathering (except herself!)
The ferein was called the "Abraham Raphael Family Ferein".  I have no idea of the source of that name as yet.
Surnames associated with just the first and some of the second generations of this group are Zieve, Giffen, Hantman, Gordon, Fineman,  Galvin, Glickman, Bernon, Mechanic, Loveman, Wasserman, Schwartz;  Glickman, Murstein, Marcus, Gross, Baradofsky;  Galvin, Leponsky, Silberger, Sogolovitz, Bernstein, Weinstain, Pearsol.    Of course by the 1940s  there were many more.
I will appreciate any and all possible or positive identifications, or tips of people to contact who may be able to help.   
Thanks for looking!
Elise Norman Cundiff
Columbus, Ohio


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