FamilySearch Christening records in 1870's New York #usa #general

Phil Karlin

I've recently come across christenings records for Jewish relatives on FamilySearch. There are several siblings for whom such records exists. They look identical to the birth records except for the label. Since Family History Centers are closed for Covid-19, I can't see the originals. Here's a link to one:

All I can glean from reading the database description is that it's a database constructed by FamilySearch, and it's not clear where they got the underlying info. It's possible that recent Hungarian Jewish immigrants with a desire to assimilate had it done for 6 daughters over a decade. (Four married Jews and had Jewish families, one did not, one didn't marry.) Or is it possible that it's just something that happened in NYC hospitals in the 1870's, with or without parental permission? Would it have happened in the hospital, or in a church?

What should I make of it?

Phil Karlin

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