Re: Train travel Ukraine 19th-20th Century/ #ukraine

Sharon Taylor

Since the trip you described took place in 1914, it’s likely that they were being evacuated or that they chose to flee as the Russian army advanced. The Austrian government was active in evacuating civilians from the war zone, moving them west to Vienna, Bohemia and Moravia. During this time, the military had priority for train travel, so civilians were often left stranded for hours or even days until a train became available for their use. Villagers along the way brought food to the stranded travelers during long delays. Yizkor books in JewishGen’s collection have several firsthand accounts by Jews who fled Galicia during this time.

Sharon Taylor
Philadelphia, PA
Researching NEMETH, BLOCH, INGIER in Mariampol/ Stanislawow Galicia and WIESNER, FLEISIG in Kulikow/Lemberg Galicia

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