Re: FamilySearch Christening records in 1870's New York #usa #general

Phil Karlin

Thank you Barbara.
So do you think that the "christening" was not one per se, but merely that the dataset included christenings, so a christening was assumed to have occurred by the dataset builder?
Keep in mind that I gave Rebeke as an example. The same thing happened for her siblings - they have christenings too. 

Is there information on the record image that's not in the index?
I'd love to know any or all of these facts from the image: Who made the original record? Birth location (hospital or home, street address). Date - birthdate vs. christening date vs. recording date.*  Was there a doctor or midwife attending and their name?

*Although the record we're looking at is dated July 29 1870, she appears on the 1870 Census, dated July 15, which says she was born in May.

And what if "christening" just means "naming" and I'm worked up in a lather over nothing, LOL?

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