Re: Ballasagyarmat: what census records are there? #hungary


Julia - you are an absolute marvel and extremely kind, thank you so much, what a wonderful list full of fascinating information, I certainly hadn't got as far as working out numbers of children or produce/occupation.
I wonder now, though, if my family can have been living in Balassa at that time. Jakab was born in 1815 I think, so would have been about 33, and his wife Fani was born in 1812 so would have been about 36. There are no couples on there that fit this profile. They were in Balassa by January 1851, however, when my great grandfather Lipot's younger brother Adolph was born, and I should look again for his brother Armin who I think would have been born in the 1850s too. I will now see if I can find the 1848 for Obuda which is where I think Fani was from, perhaps that's where they were in 1848?!
Huge thanks again Julia

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