Does Anyone Have a Copy of Wegrow 1904 Marriage Registration number 43? #poland

Stanley Diamond

Brian Burg asks about a 20th century record for the town of Wegrow, Poland.
Researchers interested in the records for their town in Poland should address
such questions to the JRI-Poland Town Leader for their town.  Town Leaders
can be found by clicking in "Your Town" on the navigation bar on the JRI-Poland
website: or write to [townname]
I am also pleased to advise that JRI-Poland has scanned all the Jewish records
in the Wegrow Civil Records Office not covered by Polish laws protecting personal
data.  They are births from 1904 to 1915, marriages 1904-23 and deaths 1904-31.
Of course, one of the records is the 1904 marriage of Sura Ruchla FRYDMAN and
Chaim Icko WOLINSKI.  The births include an entry for one of their children.

Stanley Diamond, M.S.M.  (Montreal, 514-484-0100)
Executive Director, Jewish Records Indexing - Poland, Inc.


JRI-Poland has indexed the 1904 Marriage Registration of Sura Ruchla FRYDMAN & Chaim Icko WOLINSKI
as AKT #43, in Wegrow, Siedlce Gubernia, but the parents of the bride and groom are not named in the index.  Sura Ruchla is almost certainly a relative of mine, but I need to know who her parents were in order to find her proper place in the family tree. 
In addition, I am trying to find out how a known relative with surname WOLINSKI also fits into the FRYDMAN clan, and I think this Marriage Registration is the key.  However, nobody alive remembers for sure.

It is reasonable that Sura Ruchla FRYDMAN is the same person indexed in the Wegrow 1883 #126 Birth Registration, and that Chaim Icko WOLINSKI is the same person indexed as Chaim Icek in the Wegrow 1883 #264 Birth Registration.

I am hoping that someone reading this may already have a copy of the actual record(s) or is familiar with these family lines.

Brian Neil Burg
Fullerton, CA

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