Re: French Naturalization #france

David Choukroun

Hello Fran,
As discussed in private, can be helpful for others :
this is a long road to go from the Decret number to the effective file.  I am sure there is already an "How To" somewhere in this forum or here :

For your case,
- the file 3 Sept 1899 is showing that Joseph Strarikoff had a 5 years authorisation to live in France (that is not a French citizenship)

- the file 25th of September 1901 is showing the official French citizenship for the family

I am sorry I cannot find the last one -- will try later.

What matter is the reference 3302 x 99 written on the left side :  99 stands for 1899, 3302 is the exact file number

With this reference, you can ask the French National Archive to see (and scan) the corresponding file -- process is long (4 to 6 weeks minimum)

Those files are very very informative -- full family names, dates of arrival, sometimes pictures, handwritten mail etc...   or ... a simple declaration

I will chase it for you

Best regards

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