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Arlene Beare

Jill Whitehead has given a good idea of travel at that time.  I would like to add that from Courland they usually left from the port of Libau now Liepaja in Latvia.  They usually docked at one of the Humber ports Grimsby or Hull and then went by train to Liverpool  or Manchester.  Rachel says he came from Russian Poland. A lot would depend on where he came from as Russian Poland is a large area.. Sadly there are no incoming lists for ships arriving at that time from Libau..
In this case if they met on board it is unlikely that he would have travelled to Libau and more likely she made her way to Hamburg. However one cannot discount that he left from Libau.  The Hamburg passenger lists are available on or You need a Worldwide subscription.  When searching use the German spelling eg  Josef not Joseph.
As you  have hit a brick wall please try to use Family Search as they are filming millions of new records daily. I assume you have searched the Jewishgen Latvia database but take another look as I recently added a new database on passport issuance books and your ancestor's name may be in it.
Arlene Beare
Co-director Latvia Research.

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