Re: Please help me identify the people in this family Ferein photo in Cleveland, OH #usa

Elise Cundiff

Thank you, Sherri.   It is a wonderful resource!  I had actually searched there,  found that article, and that is where I initially found the name of the ferein, years before I located the photo.   My grandmother had told me of the photo and the ferein, but did not know what had become of it, or the minutes of the meetings that her mother had recorded.  She said that the group held a large "ball" at Purim - not sure if that was yearly, or a one time occasion - I had always assumed the missing photo was from one of those.

In that one mention you cited,  Alex Zieve was my great-grandmother's brother; Saul Fineman his son in law; Louis Galvin was the brother of his aunt (by marriage), and Mrs. H. Glickman I am not sure of - either that aunt, widow of his maternal uncle (correctly would be Mrs. J(ulius)  or A(nna)Glickman). or an unknown close relative of that uncle/ Alex's mother.

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