Divorce and Remarriage in 19th C Poland #poland

Carolynne Veffer

In 19th century Poland could you get a civil divorce? If you were divorced (at least a Jewish get), could you remarry and have a civil second marriage?
My gggrandfather was a widower. His second wife (my gggrandmother) was divorced. I can find no civil marriage record for my gggrandparents: Chaskel Grynszpan (b. 1859 Ilza, d. 1932 Ilza) and Tsutel/Certla Kac (b. 1860 Zwolen, d. abt 1906, Ilza). The marriage was around 1882-1884 in either Ilza or Zwolen. 
Also, Chaskel is not listed as father on the birth records of any of their children. The midwife is recorded instead.  The children's last names are listed as Kac, not Grynszpan. 
My assumptions are that Tsutel Kac couldn't get a civil divorce so she couldn't remarry. And/or that as a divorced person she couldn't remarry. Or both. But that she had a get and they had a religious marriage. 
Thanks very much for any information you can provide.  
Carolynne Veffer
Toronto Canada
Grynszpan, Kac (Ilza)
Malach (Zwolen, Wierzbnik)
Goldberg (Wierzbnik)
Veffer, Nebig (Amsterdam, Bussum)

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