What happened to uncle Michel ROTMAN ? #poland

Marilyn Marme

My friend recently discovered a paternal uncle she was never told about remained behind in Poland after his siblings and mother emigrated to the USA. This uncle was mentioned on his mother's ( Rose Rothman) final citizenship papers as living in Poland in 1944. ( The same papers also stated that her husband Moszek/Morris/Moszko ROTMAN  had died in Poland in 1941). We were able to find Michel's birth registration which stated that he was born in Zareby Koscielne on December 7, 1906 to Moszko ROTMAN and Rejza (Reiza) Tuchsnadjer. That is all we have found.
All of my friends paternal first cousins have passed. She has found nothing about this uncle in her parents papers. I have searched USHMM, Arolsen Archives and Jewish Gen with no results. As a non Jewish newbie family researcher, I am at a loss. 
Marilyn F Marmé
Moorpark, CA 

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