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I received several pages from "Elementary School Yearbooks" for years
1894-98, for grades 1-3. .... [I] don't know where these came from.
Hungaricana ( has some yearbooks, but most of them are on ADT+ (the pay portion of

(School records are fun. My grandfather graduated with a C, his younger brother with a B, and their youngest brother -- who unfortunately passed away a month after graduation -- had straight A's throughout. He also got an award for a novella, which I now want to track down, but the school's website has been hacked....)

Oh, but keep in mind that "grades 1-3" may not be what you think: in an 8-year "middle" school (középiskola), they'd correspond to approximately grades 5 to 7 by U.S. reckoning. Most of the school records I've seen have been for such schools, with some college/university mixed in. Up to fourteen subjects sounds like one of them, not actual elementary (ages 6 to 10ish), which was generally local, coed, with one or two teachers, and did not print up fancy end-of-year reports.

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