Re: Research individuals in France #france

Aaron Slotnik

I would like to thank Bernard Flam in particular for his clear and concise summary of research resources in France posted on July 11.  I've been trying to find this information for many years and have been unable to . . . perhaps it has only been placed online relatively recently.
Nonetheless, I've found 2 records for my family in the Gallica resource he mentioned (1.1.1 -;2&lang=EN) but I'm unable to determine what the notation is referencing--if it is a naturalization file reference or one of the other possibilities he mentioned.  How can I determine that in order to take the correct next step?  Their names are Lejzer ZLOTNIK and Yenta-Laja ZLOTNIK (nee ELBAUM).
Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide!
Kind Regards,
Aaron Slotnik
Chicago, IL  USA

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