Bessarabia region: new records found #bessarabia #ukraine

Yefim Kogan

Hello everybody,

Working with one of the microfilms, I found that everything is related to non-Jews, except one section in the end of the microfilm. It appears to be Cheder's records.  It is a name of a melamed with his students.  I see such records for the first time.  For the melamed it gives his full name, how he got permission for the cheder, and for the students surname, first name, father's name, father's estate: Merchant, Middle Class, age, amount of money family paid to melamed.  There is also a description of the room and cleanness, etc.
I got such records for three towns:  Akkerman - 7 cheders/melameds with 91 students, Khotin - 14 melameds with 223 students and Kaushany with 1 melamed with 24 students.  All these records are for 1857.

I think this is a great find and the records going to be a nice addition to our JewishGen Bessarabia collection.

If anyone would like to work on records for Akkerman and Khotin  (Kaushany I already transcribed - that is a shteitl where both of my parents lived),  please let me know.  The handwriting is not great, but readable.

All the best,
Yefim Kogan
Bessarabia region Leader and Coordinator

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