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I read your long submission and do not have a global answer fory your
searching, but I am including some of your notes below and have
interspersed some comments and suggestions, /in italics. /

8a. *What To Do When You've Hit A Brick Wall* #general
From: Alan Reische
Date: Tue, 21 Jul 2020 17:13:18 EDT

I've made immense progress since I started 5-6 years ago, largely
through the generosity of JewishGen members, but I seem to have hit a
brick wall. Here briefly is where I am:

        I have found my paternal GGFather, and likely his father too
but in the latter case, no surname

/                Depending where individuals lived in Europe, most of
Eastern Europe did not require last names until the early 19th century/.

* The family consistently lists themselves as 'Austrian', except for
pre-marriage when my GFather lists himself as Galician. However, my
GMother Stein was from Koenigsburg and was echt German, and it is
likely post-marriage that she influenced the description of country
of origin, given the disregard many German Jews had for their
Galitsianer co-religionists. There are family stories to that effect.
o /Galicia was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Anyone from
Galicia was Austrian. People used Austrian and Galicia
interchangeably. The official language was German. Individuals
could move within the Empire, with many Jews going from Galicia
to Austria ( for example from Lemberg to Vienna). I suggest that
you do some reading on the history of the area and the changing
borders of Europe.  In addition, you can look up each of the
towns in Jewishgen's Town finder.  the chart will give you the
dates that the particular town was part of the
Austrian-Hungarian Empire, part of Poland, etc. and the time
periods. /

    The name suggests some ties to Rzeszow on my GGFather's part, and
in Yiddish the city name appears as 'Reischa' and residents as
'Reischers'. Rzeszow's Jews were significantly German-speaking. The
surname, as pointed             out, does not mean he currently lived in
Rzeszow, it describes where he originated from when he lived in a
different area.
/Rzeszow was in Galicia and part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire - it was
therefore officially German speaking. The Town Finder lists "Raysha"  as
the Yiddish name for Rzezow.  This is why you have to use alternate
             spellings in any of your searches. /

* My GGMother apparently came from Przeclaw,(from her stone) which is
@ 25 miles from Rzeszow. So, all indications are the paternal family
and my GGFather came from somewhere in that area, and the likelihood
that my GFather, a Galitsianer, could meet with approval from the
German Steins would have been marginally better as he was likely
German speaking and fit more comfortably into the Stein family.
o /As noted above, Galicia was part of the Austro-Hungarian
Empire, and German was the official language. This should
disavow you of your speculation about Galicia and "German." 
Poland did not become a nation until after WWI. It was
previously split between the Russian Empire and the
Austro-Hungarian Empire, which was Galicia. . /
* But that's speculation, and I can't get beyond that. My GFather's
naturalization papers indicated he arrived very specifically on June
15 1879, except Steve Morse tells me no ships arrived in NY on that
date, or at least have manifests, and on various occasions family
members stated they arrived in 1880 or 1881.
o /Could your Grandfather have come into a port other than NY? 
Steve Morse gives links to arrivals at a number of other ports. 
In addition, there are some manifests or parts of manifests that
are missing.
* My GFather states a very specific birth date of March 3, 1874, but
no manifest for anything close to that date lists him. I've
conducted searches with a wide variety of different data, ranging
from GGmother to siblings and nothing close turns up. Specifically,
the name 'Reische' as I've spelled it does not appear as such in any
of the European records I've searched so far, and I have never found
a Jewish family with that spelling from 1879 going forward. /One
always checks alternate spelling.  that's why Soundex is used. There
are a few listigs for Reische in Jewishgen;  there are many listings
for Reischer. /

Hope this is of some help.   Check the Gesher Galicia website.  You
might also want to attend the International Jewish Genealogy Zoom
Conference -  check and see if there are any lectures on the changing
borders, Galicia, and the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Avivah Pinski near Philadelphia
Avivah R. Z. Pinski ,  near Philadelphia, USA

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