Trying to obtain a 1922 birth certificate from Oradea (Nagyvarad), Romania #hungary #general #romania


One of my family members, Georges (Gheorghe) Jakab, died at age twenty in the French Resistance.
This happened while his parents were interned in various French concentration camps. When Georges was buried, no family was present. He received a Christian burial with a Christian cross on top of his grave.

We finally found his grave last year, and have the intention to, among other things, remove the Christian cross and to add a Star of David instead. We also want to renew the text which includes his name. Unfortunately, the Hebrew name of Georges is unknown to us, and for this reason I am trying to obtain his birth certificate. Georges was born as Gheorghe Jakab in Oradea (Nagyvarad) on June 15, 1922. Can somebody perhaps help (or do you perhaps know someone else who can help) with this?

Below are two photos of his grave in France.

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