Re: Searching for records of RUSSMAN from Pinsk #belarus #names



Rusman Movsha is on the list of electors to the Duma in 1906 for the Pinsk district. His father had a double name Leiba-Yankel. 
Yankel in English-language records very often became Jacob. Movsha is quite suitable for the role of Jacob's father by age (in 1906 he had property or income). Moreover, Jacob himself could have been born around 1890-1900 and, according to the Jewish tradition, receive the name of his grandfather.
Not the worst version in the absence of other sources. Try looking for information about Movshe Rusman and his children (maybe in the lists and documents on Yad Vashem?).

I can also advise you to open a family topic by searching in the English-language section of the Russian site Jewish roots - there are many experienced researchers there, maybe they will suggest something.

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