Tracing persons using Russian Empire census records. #russia

Stephen Denker

Would it be possible for an archivist to use the Russian Archives to trace a particular person or family back in time from the 1897 All Russian Empire Census toward 1800 using Revision Lists and earlier censuses?
I have the Bobruisk record below, a complete set of family given names and patronymics as of 1872

My Shmuel Epstein grandfather’s birth record --- "A boy Samuil born in Bobruisk June 3, 1877, was circumcised on June 10. His father is Shlema Epshtein Meshanin of Shereshevo of Grodno guberniya, mother is Golda. Circumcision was done by Iser Chienkin.” Source: Fond 1520, Opis 7, Delo 1, page 16. National Historical Archives of Belarus, Minsk.
Stephen Denker
Boston, MA


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