Arthur and Tillie FRANK, Portland, OR, 1930s #usa

Arnon Hershkovitz


I'm looking for traces of Arthur FRANK, b. 1903 in Germany, immigrated to Brazil in 1922, then to the US.

In 1932/3 he was freshly married to Tille, lived in Portland, OR, and they were expecting a child to be born around the end of the year. Arthur was working on a Standard Oil Company's ship.

Besides his immigration to Brazil (which I've found on, I couldn't find any trace of Arthur, Tillie, or their child in the US, and am quite frustrated.

I did find (on an Arthur Frank, b. 1903, who holds a German nationality, and had worked on the Europa/Bremen ships between 1931-1939, but am not convinced it is indeed the same person.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Arnon Hershkovitz

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