Re: Research individuals in France #france


To Aaron Slotnick: I can't find your original response to my original message, but I think it is amazingly generous of you to offer lookups from your temporary subscription!  I do se that you aree overwhelmed with requests. 
Mine is two brothers--Wolf and David GRAND, born in 1873 and 1876 respectively, in Krasnobrod, Poland.  Their father was Mordko Grand, and they had two different mothers; Chawa Elbaum and Chaia Papier.  Their brother came to the US in 1904, with the family of his wife.  These men went to France, and I would guess 1895-1910, but I don't know that.  I imagine David stayed David, but Wolf may have become Guillaume (if following the usual English pattern)..

I would be very grateful if you could look for these guys, and I would happily offer you any return help in Boston, in addition to my huge thanks.
Carol Isenberg Clingan
Dedham MA

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