Barry Clarke

SZTYGLIC, STEIGLITZ, STIEGLITZ, STAGLIC OR SIMILAR died or was killed around 1881 to 1883 while in the army. He was married to my great grandmother MOLLY (MALA or MALKA?) SZKLARKIEWICZ OR SIMILAR. Their son, my grandfather Samuel, was born in April 1881. Molly's brother Max, per his UK Naturalization Certificate, was born in Jedwabne, so JEDWABNE/LOMSA district may be where the family were from. However, my father once mentioned KRAKOW as Samuel 's birthplace. It has since been pointed out that Krakow is unlikely as Molly's family were from Russian Poland. Also, a genealogist was unable to find any record of his birth in the Krakow region. It's quite possible, then, that my father was mistaken. Molly with baby Samuel emigrated to the UK shortly after her husband's death.

The point of this post is simply a shot-in-the-dark hoping someone has knowledge of a Sztyglic/Steiglitz or similar who died or was killed while in the army around 1881 to 1883!

If so, Eureka!

Barry Clarke
British, living in Sarasota researching  STEIGLITZ OR SIMILAR, SZKLARKIEWICZ OR SIMILAR that became CLARKE in London, Dublin, Liverpool, Bulawayo, Cape Town, maybe USA too, BIENSTOCK OR SIMILAR that became BARNETT in Wales, MYERS in Manchester and Cape Town, NEUMARK that became NEWMARK in London and USA, LEVINSON changed to BRAHAM in London. All families originally from Poland.

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