Re: Is the first name Marx a shortened version of Mordecai #names

Joan A. Baronberg

I have a similar outlook on the name “Mordecai” as in Amy’s message, which I add below* for the reader’s convenience. (BTW, Like other readers, I wish we would return to this list’s old ways and include the original question and other replies all together. Many of us found that both a more efficient way of approaching data, as well as a pleasanter style of reading Jewishgen postings.) My great grandfather’s name was Mordecai too and on various legal documents in Galicia, he is referred to as Markus, Marcus, Mordecai, or Mottel.
*My ggreat grandfather Mordechai Schoenberg was also known as “Max” on his children’s marriage certificates, etc. I don’t think it would be a stretch for someone to refer to him as Marx but I would think Markus/Marcus would be a better match. However, one never knows with diminutives. 
Joan Baronberg, Denver, CO

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