Re: military notbook #bessarabia

Yefim Kogan

Hello Adrian,  WoW! That is an amazing document.  I would be glad to have it on our Bessarabia website if you do not mind, and maybe you can write a story about that relative...

You probably know that he got this military document when he left the military to a reserve.  It also written that when he left he choose Khotin uezd, Kelmenskaya 'volost'".  There is a town Kelmentsy, not far from Khotin, and it is written in Romaian on a map I enclosed as Chelmenti.  Actually there is a page where it says that he was registered in Khotin uezd, Kelmentskay 'volost'' in 1910, November 13.  Also at the very end there are two stamps about training people in reserve from 1911 and 1912
The last two pages are interesting... he used this military document as passport.  At that time Russians to go abroad had to have passports.
Did he emigrated to Argentina in 1913?
What happened in 1935?

By the way did you check our JewishGen Database  - Romania (Bessarabia) where you find a lot of families with that surname and registered in Khotin...  they could live somethere else, but registered in Khotin.  I recomend to go thru all such entries.

All the best,
Yefim Kogan

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