Re: Research individuals in France #france

David Choukroun

Dear Patricia

The access to death Acts are fairly easy for Paris before 1987
Then you can enter all the elements (2 fev 1941, 16ieme district and the ides 262) to catch the act

It says :
the 2.2.1941, 17h00
dead act of Paul Rattner
address: 35 Rue Le Marois,
born : Mohileff (Russia) the 26 April 1858
from Isidore RATTNER x Boddana GUMELEFF, both dead
Husband of Julie ROSEN
Legal + Witness : Charles VOGT, 55 years old, @ 80 rue de la Pompe

Using the same interface, but for a wedding, you might be able to locate the Act if done in Paris



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