Re: Other names for Yitzchak? #names


Yitzhak (יצחק) is also the common form for Isaac in Yiddish.  Although, the tombstone of my grandfather Isadore  says אייזיק בר יעקב Aizek bar Yakov, Isaac son of Jacob. The Aizek is another Yiddish name for Isaac.  Bar is Aramaic for son of and Yakov is Hebrew and Yiddish for Jacob. When I was growing up, my other grandfather told me that my Jewish name was Yizhak Isaac.  I thought he was translating Yitzhak into English.  I realized much later that he was following a Jewish naming convention where Jewish names consisted of a Hebrew name followed by an equivalent Yiddish name.  My father's Jewish name was Ariah Leib where Ariah is Hebrew for lion and Leib is Yiddish for lion.
Bob Malakoff
Pittsburgh, PA

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