Re: Deportation from U.S. ports back to Eastern Europe #general

Marshall Lerner

Between 1903 and 1914 my paternal great grandfather traveled back and forth between Bessarabia and the US at least 3 times, each time in steerage. In 1903 my ggf (Schimen Baitel) landed in NY and made his way up to Chelsea, Massachusetts. In 1904 my grand uncle (Jankel Beitel) came over to join Simon Beitel in Chelsea where my ggf apparently settled. In 1907 my ggf transits to the US again (this time as Schimon Lerner) and lists my grand uncle's address in Chelsea as his final destination. (By this time my grand uncle was Jacob Lerner.)  In 1913 my grandfather (Zeidel Baitel) immigrates to the US and goes to Chelsea to join his stepbrother. Finally in ggf makes his last trip to the US to stay with Jacob until his passing.In the meanwhile Zeidel becomes Morris Lerner and moves to Concord, New Hampshire.

My great grandmother (Chaje Lerner) and a grand aunt (my gf's natural sister) remained in Brichany (Briceni). So it would appear that at least one possible explanation for the return of immigrants was the family left behind. Why did my ggm elect to stay in Bessarabia? Family legend has it that my grand aunt (name unknown) who remained in Brichany was a commissar involved in the Russian revolution. .

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