Semyon GOLZMAN/HOLZMAN Opera singer in Milan, Italy 1914 #belarus #latvia


Seeking help to find any descendants of my great uncle Semyon Golzman. He was born in 1889 in Polock/Polotsk, Belarus. His parents were Max and Paulina Golzman/Holzman who operated a bakery on Parkstrasse in Riga around 1900-1908. Max was also involved in a lumber business that floated rafts of logs down the Daugava from Belarus to Riga.
Semyon's sister Anne (Fannie) Holzman (my grandmother) went to NYC from Riga in 1909. There were other siblings living there whose names I don't know.   Semyon's father Max went to Germany around 1907 to have surgery, but died "on the operating table." His mother Paulina moved to Paris after Max's death, and her address in January 1914 was #40 Rue St. George.  Semyon moved to Milan and was an opera singer there in 1914. That is the last we know of him. I've been wondering now for 60 years!

Any leads or ideas for researching this family would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks,

Virginia Everett  <virginiaeverett@...>

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