Finding parents of Leib DROBITSKY/DRUBETZKY #ukraine

Felissa Lashley

My great grandfather, Leib DROBITSKY/DRUBETZKY/DRUBICKY and more, did not emigrate from the Ukraine. I am trying to identify the names of his parents. Leib was married to Razel MAYER/MAZUR/MASUR. They had 5 children who emigrated. Two remained behind, Brukhi and Malya. A record from Moshny shows the birth of a Leib to Jacob and Bella Drobitsky in 1859 but it cannot be him because his first child was born in 1868. Well documented. Several of Leib's children in this country wanted to join the JBD Family Circle in NYC  of direct descendants of Jacob and Bella but supposedly there was some controversy about their descendancy. Eventually they did join. So I am thinking that maybe Leib was descended from a brother of Jacob's but I am at the proverbial dead end. Leib died in 1916 or 1917. I believe they lived in Gorodische, Cherkassy district and maybe Moshny as well. 
As always, I appreciate any suggestions and assistance from this group. Thank you.
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