KIEVSKY, LITVINOFF from Kiev #ukraine #latinamerica


I'm looking for records of Jacobo KIEVSKY, born in Kiev on 1917-07-21. He emigrates to Buenos Aires in 1918 with his family: Sister Berta KIEVSKY (b. 1914), parents Samuel KIEVSKY (b. ca. 1888) and Fanny or Feiga LITVINOFF (b. ca. 1890). Grandparents are Naum KIEVSKY and Adela ?IASKOVSKY (first letter could be H, M?); Saul LITVINOFF and Ana WAISBERG. These names come from a birth certficate of a younger sister in Argentina, so first names are most likely Spanish versions of the original names.

Their last name has been found also as KIJEWSKI (inmigration records), KIEVSKI (possible relatives).

Any help with where to look for them helps! Unfortunately we don't know where in Kiev they came from.

Regards, Ezequiel <egbusquin@...>

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