Re: Number next to my Great Grandfather's name on the ship manifest ? #general

David Oseas


The number you cite is an annotation made during your grandfather's naturalization process.  Specifically, it was done during the verification step, where a Certificate of Arrival was issued.  The number before the hyphen ("2") is the district number: in this case, New York.  The digits following the hyphen are the Certificate of Arrival number.  Unfortunately, there is no index for these numbers.  The date is when the verification took place. I have seen this anywhere from a year, up to a couple of weeks, before the Petition for Naturalization (and, in one odd case, even a couple of weeks afterward), with most about one month before the Petition.

So, in your case, I'd search for a naturalization petition for your grandfather in New York around November, 1930 (31).

For more info on these and other passenger list markings, see the InfoFile on JewishGen:

David Oseas

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