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Barbara Stein

I have been unable to find several records on badatelna related to the family of my pGGF, Eduard (Edward) STEIN (b. 1839, Siroke Trebcice), and his wife, Wilhelmina (Minna, Mina) ZUCKERMAN(N) (b. 1844, Krasna Lipa). I looked in the small towns surrounding their places of birth, not knowing exactly where the events would have been registered, but I don’t know where to look next.  Are there other sources for such records? 


Eduard’s parents were Moses STEIN (1802-1870) and Elenore (Elenora) BAYER. His paternal grandparents were Simon STEIN (1763-1847) and Rosa MELZER (1764-1846). His maternal grandparents were Pinkas Baroch BAYER from Lichtenstadt (Hroznetin) and Amalia FEIGL from Kirchenberg.


Wilhelmina’s parents were Nephthali ZUCKERMANN (1813-1873) and Johanna KOHN (1816-1884). Nephthali's parents were Moses ZUCKERMANN (b. 1777) and Rosina STRASS (b. 1779). Johanna’s parents were Jakob KOHN and Maria Charlotte PICHL.

I have NOT been able to locate

1) the birth record for my 2nd GGM, Elenore BAYER (b. 1812-1815?), although I found birth records for 7 other children of Pinkas BAYER in Hroznetin


2) Elenore BAYER’s marriage record to Moses STEIN (ca. 1831?) (their first child was b. 1832 in Siroke Trebcice)


3) the familitant record for my 2nd GGF, Nephthali ZUCKERMANN, or his father Moses

Additional questions

1) Eduard was one of 10 siblings (4 boys, 6 girls). The Moses STEIN familitant record lists his oldest brother Moritz (b. 1834) but the 1834 birth record I found is for a son called Abraham. How do I determine if these are the same person?

Stein_Moses & Eleanora Baier familitant record: fond2098_HBF158_image3_590306

Stein_Abraham 1834 birth record: fond1073_N2012_image24_95321

Stein_Simon & Rosa Melzer familitant record: fond2098_HBF158_image21_590359


2) Why aren’t Eduard (b. 1839), or his younger brother Philipp (b. 1841), listed on the familitant record? After Moritz, there is a big gap on the page but the next name listed is Salomon (b. 1844).


3) Elenore BAYER was also one of 10 children (4 boys, 6 girls). I have found birth records for 7 of them, born 1821-1832, but not hers. A brother, Samuel, is listed on the familitant record (b. 1811) but I have not found his birth record. What would account for the large number of years between Samuel and these other siblings? I am assuming that Elenore, and her sister Fanny, were born in this gap. There may also be other children I don’t know about?

Bayer_Pinkas & Amalia Feigl familitant record: fond2098_HBF101_Ostrov_image46_586176

Bayer_Wolf 1821 birth record: fond1073_N532_image15_88931

Bayer_Bernard 1834 birth record: fond1073_N533_image4_89665


I'm grateful for any help or suggestions!


Barbara Stein
Seattle, WA

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