Re: Looking for Adam Rosthal, Daniela Atzmon and Dafne Sivan in Israel #galicia

Peter Jassem <pjassem@...>

Many thanks to all who have promptly and helpfully replied to my inquiry.

Based on the answer of one relative of Daniela Atzmon's and Daphne
Sivan's father Leo Rosthal however I conclude for now that I have been on
the wrong track.

He is saying that Leo Rosthal was an architect. So he cannot be just a
bearer of an alternative name of Edward Rosthal because I have a proof
that Edward graduated >from law (not architecture) in 1932. Leo cannot
be Edward's brother either, although Edward did have a brother of this
first name, but this Leo(pold) Rosthal was born on September 3, 1918,
studied medicine, and perished in the Holocaust on July 3, 1943 in the
Rakowice district of Krakow.

But it is not uncommon that first cousins have the same given name,
usually inherited >from recently perished common ancestor. So my guess
is that his relative Leo Rosthal was likely first cousin of my Leo and his
brother Edward Rosthal.

Years ago someone directed me to the Atzmon/Sivan names as likely
descendants of Edward but now I think that it was an incorrect
suggestion. It would be great if I could find out his Leo Rosthal's (the
architect, supposedly b. 1905 and married to Ilse Fischgrund) parents'
names. Edward's (the lawyer b. 1907) parents' names were Kalman Karol
Rosthal and Eugenia Gittel Statter.


-----Original Message-----
I am looking for descendants of Edward ROSTHAL b. May 19, 1907 in
Galicia (son of Karol Kalman Rosthal, b. 1872 - d. Auschwitz May 14,
1944 and Eugenia Gittel STATTER, b. Aug. 2, 1887 - d. Auschwitz,
Jan. 24, 1944), and Ella (aka Elza, Ilse, not sure of the last name, b. 1911).
Edward used to be a teacher in Poland; he immigrated to Palestine after
the war and lived in Tel-Aviv, Israel, where he was a Polish-language
newspaper editor.

The names of the sought descendants of Edward and Ella ROSTHAL are:

1. Adam ROSTHAL, who used to live in Beer Sheba, Israel some time ago.
2. Daniela ATZMON (nee Rosthal), who used to live in Tel-Aviv, Israel
some time ago. I don't have the first name of Mr. Atzmon.
3. Dafne SIVAN (nee Rosthal), who used to live in Rehovot, Israel some
time ago. I don't have the first name of Mr. Sivan.

I am guessing that all three could be somewhere between 60 and 70
years old. All three are my second cousins.

I will appreciate any help or suggestion. Please note that I cannot use
resources in Hebrew due to the language barrier.

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