Re: Research individuals in France #france

David Choukroun

On Tue, Jul 21, 2020 at 11:05 AM, Aaron Slotnik wrote:

Dear Aaron,
I am discussing with Bernard Flam about how to write a description of the next steps --  it will help all of you.
In your case, you did the main work : find a reference of the Naturalisation into the Journal Officiel (using Gallica) 
In real , it depends on the dates :  Before 1930, you shall use another reference (Bulletin des lois).

So you have now :05 feb 1942 (important to collect)

(obviously, the address is important -- as you may search in the Paris Census record to find the family)

@27.July 1947

What is next step :
you need to go to the French National Archive web site :

and look at Naturalisation "how to" (not sure there is an Eng. version): the game is to find the reference of the file of naturalisation
There is a double index entry process -- I know : this is painful (my view) because there are various paths depending on the period
and at the end, you need someone in Paris to book in advance the file and to scan it for you at a special place (and Covid is not helping those days)

in your case, 1942 and 1947 are not online (to my knowledge -- I might be wrong and happy to learn from others) (only 1883 to 1930 are)

So the method in your case is to ask the French National Archive to find the reference for you...
I am sorry this is so complicated

Best regards



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